Our Story

Bloom Where You Are Planted is a quiet story about living as a person with Down Syndrome--a person who has not become a rocket scientist, but has been comfortable in finding a place in the community, in the educational system, and in life. The search for inclusion has been the recurring thread of continuity.
Kevin arrived as the sixth child in our family and his disability inspired us to work for changes in the world we had never before encountered. Bloom Where You Are Planted highlights the fact that changes in our society can occur through the efforts of ordinary people who can recognize problem situations, and who have the vision, courage, and stamina to pursue solutions. Perhaps this should be called a motivational book.
Initially my plan was to inspire young families, who have a child with a disability, to recognize that obstacles to inclusion still exist and they need to be geared for action to create change. However, I also have come to realize that even in our enlightened era there are many people in the general public who fail to understand that persons with cognitive disabilities want and need to be a part of the normal community rather than be involved only in segregated groups. So my target audience has expanded. To the parents, however, a special reminder. Love your child. Recognize, understand, and accept his or her disability. Gear for action to make the world a better place for people with disabilities.